Lecsó, the Hungarian Ratatouille

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There are many favorite summer foods that I like eating at lakeside or at outdoor swimming pools like hake or corn on the cob. When it comes to cooking at home I like preparing lecsó in summertime. What ratatouille means for the French, is lecsó for Hungarians. Both have key ingredients but there is much debate on how to make it traditionally. Everyone seems to know the one and only recipe. 🙂 read more

Goulash Soup

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When it is cold outside I love eating spicy, heartwarming soups because that healthy salad isn’t going to warm up my toes. 🙂 A winter warmer soup with bold flavors is amazingly delicious and comforting. These soups are great lunch or dinner alternatives, one of life’s simple treats. There is a wide range of winter soups & broths for you to choose from Hungarian cuisine. No doubt, goulash soup perfectly represents Hungarian gastronomy. It is famous all around the world and foreigners frequently ask for it while staying in Hungary.

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Hake, the cult summer food

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Hake (hekk, in Hungarian) is a cult summer food in Hungary. Although this fish comes from the sea, and Hungary is a landlocked country, we, Hungarians have built a whole culture around it. Hake has become one of the basic summer eating options for Hungarians beside lángos, pancake and corn on the cob. It’s a big star of the Hungarian “beach cuisine” along rivers and around lakes in the country. Little kiosks on the shore sell hake with pickles and white bread, no doubt. read more