Latin Food Festival in La Bodeguita del Medio

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A free food festival for anyone to enjoy, Latin Food Festival took place on May 29, 2016 in La Bodeguita del Medio in Budapest. There are no tickets, you just show up in the beautiful garden of the restaurant. You can bring your kids and your grandparents and even dogs are welcome. But no jaguars, iguanas or anything like that, por favor :). The only things you need to pay for are the delicious foods made by the representatives of the participant countries and drinks provided by La Bodeguita del Medio.

Latin Food Festival, hosted by Los Carballos and La Movida, is a celebration of the culinary diversity of Latin American nations living in Budapest. Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, are known for savory and flavorful dishes and sumptuous desserts. On this festival foodies and gourmets are treated to a variety of delicious dishes that are well-known throughout the world like tortillas, tacos, tamales and arepas. Good news for those who have a sweet tooth, desserts in Latin America are generally very sweet in taste.


The weather was excellent for an outdoor festival on Sunday afternoon. I could taste mouthwatering culinary delicacies of Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela. Beside my favorite typical Cuban dishes like arroz congrí (Cuban rice and black beans) and pollo a la mantequilla (butter chicken) made by Chef Nacho, I loved the Argentinean choripán which is a type of sandwich with grilled sausage; and Venezuelan arepa, the ground maize dough that is split into a sandwich and stuffed with cheese and meat. All were absolutely flawless and yummy. 🙂

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The afternoon was all about fun. The Peruvian dance group Andina Songoy Tusuy takes dance very seriously, spread their art, culture and Peruvian folklore through their performance. First there was a traditional dance of a couple that uses handkerchiefs. It was like when the lady accepts being seduced by giving hope to the man who ends at her feet. I like it that way. 🙂 Then 4 Peruvian ladies took over the stage and enchanted the audience by their show. The Cuban band La Movida featuring Laura Perez Garcia played Latin tunes throughout the afternoon so anyone who felt like it is started to dance while others were enjoying the ambience and the sunshine sitting in the garden. Latin Food Festival was a perfect program for a Sunday afternoon. Can’t wait for the next one. Stay tuned…

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