Thanksgiving dinner in Budapest

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Everyone who is a little bit interested in American culture knows that Thanksgiving lands on the 4th Thursday of November. It is probably the second biggest holiday in the United States after Christmas, if not the biggest. It originated as a harvest festival to give thanks, especially for the abundance of food after the harvest and is marked by a great feast.

Without boring you rigid with the details of its historical backgrounds I would like to share my feelings with you and what Thanksgiving celebration means to me after 20 years of working at an American law firm in Budapest.

Although Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Hungary, it became an integral part of my life during the years I spent with my American colleagues. I was looking forward to this feast every year. We ordered the traditional holiday menu of turkey filled with stuffing and served with mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, etc. from a restaurant nearby and gathered in the decorated kitchen having the meal together. We shared stories and created unforgettable memories by this tradition during those years.

Thanksgiving with a twist

This will be the first time that I celebrate Thanksgiving without my old colleagues and I feel kind of nostalgic. Because Thanksgiving is so much more than just the festivities and comfort food…although, I do love a good turkey! It gives me a chance to look back on all the great memories and good people that have come into my life.

In order to maintain this tradition of several years, I decided to create my very own Thanksgiving dinner in Budapest, inspired by my Cuban chef husband. The good news is that I can share it with you all. Just read on. 🙂

While a classic Thanksgiving dinner is appealing to many who rely on the comfort of tradition, others may find themselves feeling less than thrilled at the thought of an old-fashioned menu and fall table settings. For those who’d also like to break from convention this year, there is a way to liven up the typical Thanksgiving dinner without leaving your tradition-minded guests completely out in the cold.

Spice up your Thanksgiving menu with a Chef Nacho twist and take the American classics to a brand new level.

Here is my mouthwatering menu offer:

  • Plantain cups stuffed with shrimp
  • Corn cream soup
  • Roasted turkey with Cuban rice and black beans, and boiled pumpkin with Cuban dressing
  • Pumpkin dessert

Send your request to email address to get a tailor-made offer from Chef Nacho.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

With much love and gratitude,


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