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Traditions are usually in place for a very good reason. When you start organizing a wedding, these traditions play an important role, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sometimes meant to be broken. Living by the standard rules is a good way to stay out of prison, keep your job or make the old lady next door satisfied with your behavior, but sometimes life’s a little bit more of a fun when you bend them or break them. 🙂

The idea of setting up a Caribbean wedding project for couples who plan to get married in Caribbean style, originated in my life. I got married to a Cuban man after living together for 4 years. And we knew that we wanted to have something special, something magical in our wedding. So we decided to break some rules and create some traditions of our own. If you feel something similar, you are in a good place and please continue to read on. 🙂

The Wedding Planner

Our Caribbean Wedding Organization is located in Budapest, Hungary. Our everyday job at Caribbean Wedding Organization is to turn couples’ romantic dreams of a Caribbean style wedding into reality. Our services are not offered as a „one-size fits all” package. Rather, we carefully personalize a set of services and experiences customized your wedding day needs, because we truly believe that no two weddings should ever be the same. We are dedicated to help design, organize, and plan the day of your dreams in Caribbean style.

Caribbean Wedding Organization specializes for those couples who are lovers of the Caribbean culture, captivated by the rhythm of salsa-bachata-merengue, the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the irresistible Latin dishes, the rum cocktails and the cigar and the sensual nights of Cuba, but don’t plan to cross the ocean, rather stay in Hungary to make the most important day of their lives memorable in Caribbean style.

Orsi Gondos, our wedding planner lady, is the proud owner of Gondos Wedding Services and is reputed to be one of the top Wedding Planners in Budapest.

The Wedding Caterer

Los Carballos, the private chef service, is responsible for the authentic Caribbean dishes. Chef Nacho and his dedicated team will add the Latin flavor to your Big Day. He offers his original “Latin Fusion Cuisine”, ranging from elegant plated table service to buffet-style meals that bring some casualness to your wedding. Drawing on his vast culinary knowledge to create a fusion of cultures that will woo the palate. Chef Nacho would describe his cooking as classic Caribbean style with a modern twist. He and his team cater for a wide variety of events, however, they take mainly pride themselves on helping make your wedding a magical experience.

The Wedding Band

La Movida is a unique Cuban band that should not be missing from any Caribbean wedding. La Movida is an experienced wedding band in Hungary that provides couples with the very best Latin music in wedding entertainment. The band has been a successful part of the wedding entertainment industry for the last 10 years. They infuse an authentic Cuban flavor and deliver a true taste of Cuba right to your wedding. With a repertoire that includes some of the greatest Cuban classics and modern day salsa, is the ideal choice for a fun and exciting wedding experience! You can be fully assured that your Big Day will make a strong impression.

The Wedding Cake

A Caribbean wedding cake is a mouthwatering delight that takes on a central role at your reception. But a wedding cake isn’t just a dessert. It should keep your wedding theme up, display the colors and show the style. Caribbean wedding cakes often come with fruit inside and outside, and these are mostly pineapples and coconuts as they are perfect for desserts and decorating too. 😉 So why not order a trendy naked or drip cake topped with tropical fruits, maybe even half a coconut, from our wedding cake designer? 🙂 Eat Me Cake Boutique owned by Nelli Vasas makes customized naked cakes and constructed concrete cakes for weddings and other special events. Nelli’s cakes are made from high quality ingredients, with rich taste and without any artificial additives or preservatives.

The Wedding Decoration

Caribbean-style weddings are usually decorated with tropical blooms, fruits and leaves, to show all the tropical colors. Tropical flower décor is the leader among Caribbean-style wedding decorations. The bolder they are, the better. 🙂 Mix them with palm leaves and decorative greenery for a bolder look. For a vibrant tropical look of the wedding centerpieces pair lush colorful flowers with fresh fruits. Or for pure elegance, just use white orchids. 🙂 But any type of any wedding cake topped with tropical flowers is just awesome. And you can match it with the decoration of your wedding. Ildi Wagner florist, owner of Virágdíszek, helps determine your style and design bouquets, centerpieces, and more to decorate your venue and to set the Caribbean mood for your Big Day.

By choosing us, you are in good hands, and no questions or visions will go unfulfilled. To get more information on tying the knot in Caribbean style in Hungary, please send your request to info(at) We are fluent in English, German, Spanish and in Hungarian.

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