Terms and Conditions

  1. General Rules

Entering and using the website of MyLittleWorld Ltd. is only permitted under the below terms and conditions and being in line with the general legal rules of the Republic of Hungary.

  1. Data Protection – Collecting and Using Personal Data

MyLittleWorld Ltd. honors the personal rights of website visitors, consequently MyLittleWorld Ltd. only keeps records of personal data that you provide voluntarily. Personal data means data required to identify you (e.g. name, address, phone number and e-mail address). By making your personal data available to us, you also provide an authorization for us to use them as specified on our website. However, you also have the right to limit or restrict the use of such information or terminate your registration. Should you have such a requirement please kindly indicate your intention to us, concerning the management of your personal data by way of e-mailing to info@mylittlehungary.com.

  1. Information Security

We take all actions necessary in order to keep your personal data safe. Third party access to personal data provided by you is strictly restricted in order to prevent unauthorized access, alteration and use.

  1. Copyright

The website of MyLittleWorld Ltd. is under copyright protection. The owners and authorized users of MyLittleWorld Ltd. are exclusively entitled to make decisions about any text, images, audio materials, software and other materials as well as intellectual property rights. Advertising materials owned by service providers contractually linked to MyLittleWorld Ltd. are excluded from the above rule.

You are entitled to view or make copies of materials placed on MyLittleWorld Ltd.’s website, however, this can exclusively be used for personal (non-commercial) purposes. It is forbidden to commercially use, sell or transfer any part of the website, furthermore it is also forbidden to alter or integrate any part of the website into any other document, publication, website, etc. – either electronically or physically. Further, MyLittleWorld Ltd. does not grant any other authorization or right concerning its website.

  1. Trademark

All trademarks and logos used on the website of MyLittleWorld Ltd. are the property of MyLittleWorld Ltd.

  1. Content of the Website

Information available on the website are uploaded in good faith, they solely served the purpose of information. Such information shall not be referred to for any other purpose than information, MyLittleWorld Ltd. excludes all liability for the accuracy and completeness of such information.

Neither MyLittleWorld Ltd., nor its owners, employees or representatives are liable for any potential losses, damages or costs (including and not limited to any loss of profit, indirect or consequential damages) which originate from entering or using the website of MyLittleWorld Ltd. MyLittleWorld Ltd. reserves the right to any necessary changes or corrections on its website, at any point of time without any prior notice.

  1. Related Websites

The website of MyLittleWorld Ltd. may include links (so called hyperlinks or hyper-references) that offer automatic rerouting to other websites. These related websites are owned and managed by third parties. MyLittleWorld Ltd. only provides access to these related websites and therefore excludes any liability for those websites or information placed thereon.

  1. Changing of the General Terms and Conditions

MyLittleWorld Ltd. reserves the right to amend the present General Terms and Conditions at any point of time and to any extent without any prior notice.

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