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“I’m a Hungarian girl with a Latin corazon. I want to inspire my visitors who stopped by to live life with gusto and experience fun adventures.”

This website was first launched in 2010 by 2 best friends of high school. Our mission was to help our visitors to discover our beautiful hometown, Budapest through our eyes and show them the hidden gems of Hungary. But the universe had another plan for us, separated us and brought us in different directions.

It’s January 2016. It means the beginning of a new year. And it also means the new beginning of this website. And I’m back in the saddle with new goals and the same passion. Plus with a website with new design. Well, hello! I’m Szilvi, the author and owner of MyLittleHungary.com. I like traveling, discovering new places, eating out and cooking. This website aims to capture it all – it’s a bit foodie, a bit travel, and a whole lot of me and my different projects.

Do you also like to travel, discover new places, taste local food, do new things and enjoy the bright side of life? Rest assured, you are in good hands. I’ll show you how to put a local twist on your next trip to Budapest and move about like a local in my little hometown.

Having lived in Budapest in my entire life, I’m in love with the Hungarian capital. The more I discover about it, the more I fall in love with it. I started my career as a concierge in a hotel in Budapest. It was one of the most interesting period of my life how I gained good experience in problem solving and in dealing with foreigners. I have the knowledge and passion for the city to advise you on how to discover Budapest like a local, beyond checking off your top-things-to-see list. Slow down and look around. What are locals doing? Where are they eating, drinking and shopping? Check out my blog to find out how to skip the tourist traps and find my insider tips about real places to real people.

I’m a self-taught home cook, a lover of food, a restaurant-goer. Most of the chefs, food artists and food bloggers have their own story of their passion about cooking that mostly comes from their family life. Mine is a little bit different. My earliest memories of food are related to my mother and to my grandmother, but my passion for cooking started at the age of 25. With 3 browning pears, that I didn’t want to discard. I was searching for recipes for hours to find out what to do with them because making some fruit smoothies just sounded too simple. To tell you the truth, in the end, those pears landed in the dustbin, but they have started something in me. The love about culinary delicacies. And the inspiration for cooking. I spend most of my weekends eating around the city. So, stay tuned, because there will be a lot of my new yummy posts coming up in the blog!