A Hungarian girl with a Latin corazon


Latin-themed event specialist in Budapest

“I’m a Hungarian girl with a Latin corazon. I want to inspire my visitors who stopped by to live life with gusto and experience fun adventures.”

This website was first launched in 2010 by 2 best friends of high school. Our mission was to help our visitors to discover our beautiful hometown, Budapest through our eyes and show them the hidden gems of Hungary. But the universe had another plan for us, separated us and brought us in different directions.

It’s January 2016. It means the beginning of a new year. And it also means the new beginning of this website. And I’m back in the saddle with new goals and the same passion. Plus with a website with new themes and design. Well, hello! I’m Szilvi, the author and owner of MyLittleHungary.com. Your expert in Budapest specialized in Latin-American food and culture. I like traveling, discovering new places, eating out and cooking. This website aims to capture it all – it’s a bit foodie, a bit travel, and a whole lot of me and my different projects.

Passion about Latin lifestyle

My love about Latin culture started in the ‘90s. I was young and loved going out. At that time there were not too many clubs and bars in Budapest open on Sundays. One of these was called Trocadero. I went there quite often to dive into the vibrant atmosphere that was totally new to me. I felt so natural to stay there without any clue how to move my body to the rhythm. There was something in the air that I cannot explain. 🙂

Next stop in my passion about Latin vibes was when I started to dance salsa in 2004. I spent 4 years learning salsa and other Latin-American dances in different schools and workshops. As I like sports, when Zumba became popular in Hungary, it was an obvious workout for me to practice regularly beside bodyART, which is my other great love of motion. Then I met my Cuban husband, and I started to live my everyday life like Latinos, who generally have a more passionate approach to love and life. They simply are happy… because they have family, friends, and the basic necessities of life. And they take the time to enjoy them, right now, this very moment. 🙂

Passion about cooking

I’m a self-taught home cook, a lover of food, a restaurant-goer. Most of the chefs, food artists and food bloggers have their own story of their passion about cooking that mostly comes from their family life. Mine is a little bit different. My earliest memories of food are related to my mother and to my grandmother and grandfather, but my passion for cooking started at the age of 25. With 3 browning pears, that I didn’t want to discard. I was searching for recipes for hours to find out what to do with them because making some fruit smoothies just sounded too simple. To tell you the truth, in the end, those pears landed in the dustbin, but they have started something in me. The love about culinary delicacies. And the inspiration for cooking.

The next milestone in my culinary adventures was when I met my Cuban husband. Suddenly I found myself in a different universe filled with new experiences, friends and flavors, from Cuba through Venezuela to Mexico. 🙂 And this is how my journey in the culinary world has continued and leads me and my husband to found Los Carballos, the Latin private chef service in Budapest in 2014. We are specialized in Latin-themed events, where we combine Latin food with Latin tunes. Because we believe that food and music are a match made in Heaven. 🙂 We deliver restaurant quality food into the comfort of your home or the rented venue during your stay in Budapest. Besides my everyday event organizing tasks at Los Carballos, I can grab the kitchen spoon and dive into the culture of Latin cuisine, where no passport is required. 🙂

Passion about Budapest

Having lived in Budapest in my entire life, I’m in love with the Hungarian capital. The more I discover about it, the more I fall in love with it. Since I have been together with my lovely husband, I feel like a tourist in my hometown when we are walking around the city and discovering new places. When we travel to other countries, besides discovering the normal tourist sights of the city we are always looking for connections with Latinos living there and trying to find the Latin vibes of the town. So I thought if you travel to my beautiful city, you may have the same need and would like to find connections with Latin-American people here.

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