Hungarians Like Fröccs

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In the hot summer weather nothing can cool me better than a cold glass of fröccs. It is widely known and loved around the world as wine spritzer. As one of the most creative nations, Hungarians have come up with the environment friendly and traditional refreshment made by mixing club soda and wine.

The production of club soda was invented by Ányos Jedlik, Hungarian physicist who built the first soda machinein 1826. His name is linked to the first Hungarian soda manufacturing plant as well.

So what is a fröccs?

As I mentioned before, fröccs is a mixture of wine (usually white but my favorite is made of ) and soda water (usually cold). It’s a great way to add bubbles to your wine with just the simple addition of club soda.

Probably the best bet during a heatwave is the ‘Long Step’, one deciliter of wine to two of water. In the case of the headier nagyfröccs, these proportions are reversed and the potency thus doubled.

There is a whole culture built around this drink as we, the innovative Hungarians have come up with countless combinations and extraordinary names for them. It is almost impossible to navigate in the world of Fröccs, even for Hungarians! But what a fun way to get lost.

Here are some of the classics:

Classic Spritzer (Fröccs): 2 dl wine with 1 dl soda water
Small Step or Whistle (Kisfröccs): 1 dl wine with 1 dl soda water
Long Step or Twisted (Hosszúlépés): 1 dl wine with 2 dl soda water
Janitor (Házmester): 3 dl wine with 2 dl soda water
Vice Janitor (Viceházmester): 2 dl wine with 3 dl soda water

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