Cuban personal trainer in Budapest

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We all love going on vacation but getting there is not always fun. Traveling is not all about lying under a palm tree, sipping a cocktail on the beach or dancing through the night with your loved one. Traveling is also a hectic lifestyle full of stress, both physically and mentally. You might get stuck in a traffic jam if you travel by car. Or your luggage might get lost at the airport. Traveling with kids can leave you anxious and a bit stressed out.

How to manage stress

Experts say that the best way to manage stress is through exercise. It relaxes your mind and body and increases energy. Exercising when traveling can be tough, sometimes the circumstances make it difficult. Unless you are Rocky Balboa himself you don’t really want to do a bunch of push-ups and sit-ups in your hotel room.

So a personal trainer can be the answer to getting rid of stress during your holiday. There’s the one and only Migue Serra from Cuba you should turn to when you are in Budapest. He was graduated at the UMCC University in Cuba as Bachelor of Physical Culture and Sports and later got his dream job in Budapest he’s passionate about.

Everybody knows that a personal trainer is the key to getting the most out of your workout. With a personal trainer you work out five or six times harder than you would do on your own. He/she is the one who makes you get out of your bed and will put you in a solid sweat session during the training, and you can see those results in a while.

When you hire Migue, he will be there to guide you, ensuring that each move is maximized and reaches its full potential, and most importantly, he will be there to prevent you from giving up halfway through a session to eat carbs in your PJs.

Hire a personal trainer

Never hired a personal trainer? No problem. Migue will convert you in no time. With a tailor-made plan he helps you to achieve your goals based on your body and your lifestyle and the result is a killer body. He works as not only a personal trainer, fitness instructor and dance teacher, but he can advise you on diet and nutrition while you are on holiday in Budapest.

He can’t make you six feet tall, but can give you the body of a catwalk model. Migue goes beyond the standard crunches and uses a combo of high-intensity interval training, weight training and dynamic movements to get you those washboard abs. Just check out the videos of training Chef Nacho from Los Carballos. And don’t let your jaw drop.

So if you need a bit of exercise to clear away the stress, fit into clothes you love or just want to feel stronger and healthier than ever, contact Migue and boost your energy and burn those nasty calories…

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