Mangalica Festival – February 7-9, 2020

Wintertime barbecue at Szabadság tér

After last years’ huge success, when pig-crazy people went so mangalica wild that they were literally stepping on each other’s toes, I am happy to share the good news with you, that Mangalica Festival is back in downtown Budapest (Szabadság tér) between February 7 and 9, 2020! Mangalica breeding has seen a revival in recent years and its meat is becoming increasingly available and popular in Hungary.

You can meet directly the breeders and producers from all over the country which means in most cases you can buy mangalica products from the people who actually produce it. You will be treated to many kinds of bacon, hams, sausages, salamis, pork stews, along with traditional Hungarian specialties like strudels, pálinka and mulled wines. So why not join the wintertime barbecue party of gourmet pork products at the annual Mangalica Festival in Budapest. 🙂

No entrance fee, therefore the true value of the festival is the launch of some kind of free trade movement.

For more info check the website of the event.

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