Tropicarium Budapest

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What to do with kids on a cold and rainy day in Budapest? Skip the regular sightseeing tour and check in at the Tropicarium Budapest which is located at Campona Shopping Center in South Buda. It has already become one of the top indoor attractions of Budapest. Hundreds of animal species and lush vegetation await you in the largest sea aquarium in Central Europe (claimed by its marketing department) measuring at 3000 sq meters. Tropicarium Budapest does not only present a part of the deep sea world but also a tiny bit of a tropical rainforest, where the sky thunders every quarter of an hour, rain starts to fall and lightning zigzags over your head.

Seafish at Tropicarium Budapest

Dangerous sharks, golden stingrays, lazy Mississippi alligators, exotic reptiles, amphibians, free-flying birds, tiny monkeys and many thousand gloriously colored freshwater and sea fish, like foxface rabbitfish, red lionfish, peacock clownfish, yellow tang and many more, are there for all under one roof. Just walk through the 12m-long shark observation tunnel and watch oceanic predators and hundreds of colorful fish swimming right next to you in peaceful harmony. The 4m-deep shark aquarium is also very impressive. Come and watch the underwater shark feeding at 3pm on Thursdays. While it may not be as heart-pounding as getting into the water in scuba gear and actually swimming with the sharks, watching them at Tropicarium swim towards you in slow motion with their razor-sharp bared teeth is still frightening. 🙂

Stingray at Tropicarium Budapest

How do you think a stingray feels? Soft, like a pillow? Squishy, like a marshmallow? Or scratchy, like a sandpaper? Not a secret anymore. At the end of your walk in the rainforest you can interact with them. Just dip your hand into the shallow pool and discover the unique texture and movement of them. This experience has been quite breathtaking and feels like taking a walk on nature’s wild side. It has educational value for kids, as it shows the diversity of our animal planet. The aspiration of the Tropicarium Budapest is to make everybody realize what values there are on Earth and how important it is not to damage them. The main goal of them is to educate people to love and respect nature and to preserve it and so it caters to all of us and as species on this earth we depend on each other!!

Tropicarium Budapest

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