COVID-19 restrictions in Hungary effective from November 11, 2020

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Here is the latest information about COVID-19 restrictions in Hungary effective from November 11, 2020. Everything you need to know about new restrictions if you are planning to travel to Hungary.

  • Curfew is from 8pm till 5am, no one should be outside during that time. Exceptions are workers traveling to and from work and it has to be justified (with papers I guess). Also exceptions are in case of life-death events, serious injury or for protecting life.
  • Mandatory wearing masks in public areas of settlement with more than 10k inhabitants. Mayor is designating the areas.
  • It’s not mandatory to wear mask during sport activities as well as in parks or green areas.
  • Dog walking is permitted within 500 meters of the place of residence.
  • Restaurants are not allowed to accept guests, only take away food is allowed. Factory canteens, on-site restaurants of hotels and accommodations, school canteens and healthcare institutions canteen will remain open.
  • All shops can stay open from 5 am until 7 pm, with the exception of pharmacies and petrol stations.
  • Other providers as hairdressers, personal trainers, masseurs that not covered by the regulation, may normally operate under curfew rules.
  • Hotels cannot accept tourists, only guests arriving for business, economic or educational purposes. Hungarian Armed Force, Law Enforcement Agencies and Healthcare Workers can stay in hotels.
  • No more than 10 people can be gathered at private or family events. No more than 50 people during funeral.
  • In case of wedding, only head of ceremony, spouses, their best man, parents, grandparents, siblings and children can participate.
  • Sport events can be held behind closed doors without spectators.
  • You are allowed to do workout, but amateur team sports are banned.
  • Universities and secondary schools from 9th grade will be online.
  • Facilities for children under age of 14 will be open.
  • Hospital employees, nursery employees, school and kindergarten teachers will be tested weekly.
  • The use of measure facilities is prohibited, including cinemas, theaters, concert halls, museums, libraries, archives, gyms, swimming pools, spas, zoos, amusement parks, playhouses and ice-skating rinks.


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