Why to hire a private tour guide in Budapest

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When you travel to a new place, there are so many things to do and see in a short period. Although most of the information is available on the Internet, it is always a hard decision where to start. In fact, without a private tour guide you can easily waste time or get lost as you explore a city on your own that you’re not familiar with.

You might be wondering why I think that hiring a private tour guide is the solution to this problem. Let’s take a look some of the major benefits and learn why it is such a good idea.

Major benefits of hiring a private tour guide

Save Time

Keep in mind that when you’re on vacation, every minute counts. With a private tour guide there is no wasted time. A private tour guide always knows the best hours to visit attractions, when prices are best, which places you can skip and any number of tricks and tactics that will help you get the most out of travel to a heavily visited location.

Save Money

A private tour guide can save you money by avoiding tourist traps and can take you to destinations known only to the locals.

Discover Unique Places

A private tour guide can take you to places that you would never know about. You can experience cool stops that you might not have found on your own. Even if you spend hours searching the Internet or reading guide books. A good guide can tell you all the best places frequented by the locals and how to experience your trip as a true insider.

Get Great Tips about Where to Eat and Drink

A private tour guide will also be able to offer advice on special restaurants according to your needs. This way you can skip the crowded spots and tourist traps where all the rest of the tourists in town eat. Plus you can go and eat to local cafés and restaurants where you can learn about the local food culture as well.

Insider Knowledge

Most private tour guides are born and grew up in the area, so they know the streets and neighborhoods like the backs of their hands. This insider knowledge of the city makes them worth every Euro (or Hungarian Forint) you spend hiring them.


A private tour guide provides customized tours that tailor your needs, budget and time frame.

Claudia, your private tour guide in Budapest

Claudia Pavone is a Hungarian-Italian certified tour guide working in Budapest. Although she was born in Italy, she grew up in Budapest, Hungary. Beside her native Hungarian and Italian, she speaks fluent in English and in Spanish.

Tourism and organization are her passion and holds a degree of European Languages and Cultures from the University of Modena (Italy). She adores the Hungarian capital with its marvelous thermal baths, with very attractive cultural offerings, a rich history and excellent choices for eating.

She has been conducting special interest for guided tours since 2012. Her most popular tours are as follows:

By hiring Claudia, you won’t waste time trying to decide what to do or where to go, or risk getting lost. These tours can save you tons of time by already having the day planned out so that you make the most of every minute of your stay.

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