Latin Lifestyle in Hungary
Día de los Muertos in Budapest
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Día de los Muertos is a colorful holiday when Mexicans remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed away. In the last few…

Hungarians Like Fröccs
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In the hot summer weather nothing can cool me better than a cold glass of fröccs. It is widely known and loved around the world…

Festival Latino – July 28, 2019
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Festival Latino is a festival that celebrates Latin-American cuisine and culture in Budapest. It is dedicated for foodies, musicians, dancers, and for those who would…

Lecsó, the Hungarian Ratatouille
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There are many favorite summer foods that I like eating at lakeside or at outdoor swimming pools like hake or corn on the cob. When…

Latin Fitness Fiesta – SalsaTone Day
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The very first Latin Fitness Day in Hungary with Migue Serra – SalsaTone & other latin workshops, live latin music and healthy South American food,…

Omara Portuondo – The Last Kiss
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An intimate tour from a universal presence: this is the return of Cuba’s leading lady, Omara Portuondo accompanied by some of her closest friends.

Cuban personal trainer in Budapest
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We all love going on vacation but getting there is not always fun. Traveling is not all about lying under a palm tree, sipping a…

Goulash Soup
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When it is cold outside I love eating spicy, heartwarming soups because that healthy salad isn’t going to warm up my toes. 🙂 A winter…

Christmas in Budapest
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Winter is the most exciting, most enchanting of the seasons and I look forward to it year by year. The sparkling white snow makes even…

Thanksgiving dinner in Budapest
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Everyone who is a little bit interested in American culture knows that Thanksgiving lands on the 4th Thursday of November. It is probably the second…

Museum of Fine Arts – Reopening in Autumn 2018
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After reconstruction work lasting over 3 years, the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest will open its doors once again in October 2018. It is not…

¡Latin Food Fest! – July 22, 2018
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¡Latin Food Fest! is a summer festival that celebrates Latin-American cuisine and culture in Budapest. It is dedicated for foodies, musicians, dancers, and for those…

Frida Kahlo Exhibition in Budapest – July 7, 2018 – November 4, 2018
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Frida Kahlo Exhibition – Masterpieces from the Museo Dolores Olmedo, Mexico City at the Hungarian National Gallery,  Building C, ground floor Probably the most defining and…

Where to enjoy live Latin music in Budapest
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Latin music was already massive in around half of the world’s countries. But Despacito was especially massive. Is there life beyond 2017’s Latin-pop explosion? Beyond…

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Budapest
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Cinco de Mayo is often mixed up with the Mexican National Holiday, the country’s “official” Independence Day, which is held on September 16, and is…