Take a virtual tour in iconic buildings of Budapest

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I am taking this unprecedented world health crisis seriously. I am willingly self quarantining and practicing physical distancing to protect myself, my family, and the world that is struggling so much. For now I advise you to stay at home and get through this period safely, but take this time to make a list of “things-to-do” on your next trip to Budapest. Plan now and do later 🙂 Don’t cancel your trip but change the dates and let’s save tourism together 🙂

Plan your next trip to Budapest

Coronavirus may change your vacation plans, but it doesn’t have to ruin them. Nobody knows for how long you’d better be self-quarantined at home and postpone all your traveling plans. But it does not mean that you cannot dream about your vacation and start planning your next trip to Hungary.

I think the preferred destination of foreigners visiting Hungary for the first time is always Budapest, to get an experience of the city’s rich history, natural sites and unique cuisine. No matter when you come to Budapest it is magical in all four seasons. The city offers something for everyone from gastronomical journeys to cultural events and last but not least, great spa complexes all year long.

Travel online and take virtual tours while you do physical distancing

I collected you some of my favorite iconic and historic buildings in Budapest where you can take virtual tours in the comfort of your couch.

Gerbaud Café

Gerbeaud Café is a prime dessert destination in Budapest. One of Europe’s oldest and nicest cafés, it has stood the test of time, war and history since 1858. It is famous for its coffees and traditional cakes by using high quality and fresh ingredients to create handmade products. Until the day when the voice of happy chatting once again fills the salons with waiters hustling and spinning and the heavenly aroma of coffee fill the air, take a virtual tour in Gerbaud Café HERE.

Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament is the country’s largest building, Budapest’s tallest, and the third largest parliament building in the world. So stunningly beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, it also has a rich history. Every year more than 700.000 tourists come to see this iconic building inside. In one of my previous blog entry I collected interesting facts of the Hungarian Parliament Building. You can find it HERE.

Take a virtual tour inside HERE.

Hungarian State Opera

The Hungarian State Opera is the leading cultural institute in Hungary where different artistic genres are equally embraced since its foundation in 1884. This neo-renaissance Opera House in Budapest is a masterpiece built by Miklós Ybl and has been under restoration and modernization, and partially closed for years. Before the coronavirus situation, participants of the Opera Tour had the privilege to enjoy a shorter guided tour and saw parts of the amazing and magnificent interior.

Take a virtual tour in the Hungarian State Opera HERE.

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

The world-famous music conservatory and music hall was built in 1907 in Art-Nouveau style. Its interior is richly decorated with frescos, stained glass, and mosaics and its concert hall is considered the most beautiful of its kind in Budapest. Following a 4-year reconstruction, the building was reopened to the public in 2013 with its former beauty in contemporary quality. Take a virtual tour in this sleeping beauty HERE.

The Museum of Hungarian Agriculture

Budapest’s Museum of Hungarian Agriculture falls under the radar of most tourists. It is in the Vajdahunyad castle complex, which is located in Budapest’s City Park behind Heroes’ Square. This castle complex is an architectural homage to 21 different buildings, among them a church and a castle with ties to the Dracula myth. You can learn the history of Hungarian agriculture, see old farming machines and work equipment HERE.

Budapest awaits!

Budapest has always been a vibratingly lively space to live, filled with true meaning by residents and visitors.  The city now prepares in calm slumber to greet us again on its streets. Budapest awaits!

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